Inaugural Post


I’m starting this blog today, on Groundhog Day, February 2, 2014. I know I’m coming rather late to the blogging community, but the truth is, until recently, I never thought the internet particularly needed a personal blog by Miya Tokumitsu.

I’m still not sure it does, but on January 13 of this year, my article, “In the Name of Love” appeared in Jacobin, and the response was massive (and utterly unexpected). I thought the article would start some conversations in left-leaning circles that comprise Jacobin‘s readership, but almost immediately the article started to go viral. Slate picked it up for a reprint, and it remained that site’s “Most Read” and “Most Shared” article for almost four days.

I’m thrilled that the article has reached so many people, but I was unprepared for the sudden interest in me and my work. Presently, I imagine this blog as a place to share some of my work and provide updates on current projects. Thanks for visiting.

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4 Responses to Inaugural Post

  1. Tana Paddock says:

    Hello Miya, your article keeps surfacing in my mind as I read this amazing book ‘Reinventing Organizations’ (, which explores the next evolution of organization. I think the pioneering organizations the book explores provide a promising answer to the DWYL tension you raise. My hunch is that the more people experience such organizations the more they will want to experiment with ways of reducing socio-economic divides in society as a whole.

  2. Matt Carney says:

    Miya, congratulations on a wonderful piece. You’ve been able to articulate what all of us are thinking, and you’ve done it in a way that doesn’t feel politically exploitative (and that really is quite an achievement among the public discourse of this day and age). Until reading your article, I have often felt that I love what I do. Now, I’m reflecting more on that, and asking the question, have I been manipulated?

    Yours is wonderful food for thought, but I hope I can stomach the truth of it.

    • mt says:

      Hi Matt,
      Thanks for your kind words! I think it is entirely possible to enjoy your work while watching out for yourself. Best of luck and thanks for reaching out.

  3. HI Miya,
    Today’s the horrible Orlando day, and I mean no disrespect in writing this. I mention that only because I have to pull myself out of that to write, but today’s Sunday and my work weeks don’t leave time to write technically unnecessary comments.
    Well: I love the Jacobin article and just found out about the book. My wife and have talked about the–DWYL myth often, have passed the article on to our daughters (college age), and it has directed them both—given them a kind of beacon that our well-intentioned parenting had not–in the area of What To Do.
    Way to go on the book. I’ve ordered it, can’t wait to read it. I’m sure it’ll be a blip in your work-life, but it’s a really important blip, because it so powerfully and succinctly made clear that looking at work in terms of its contribution to others can and ought to be a factor; and that “follow your passion” is still a good idea for hobbies.
    Anyway, now for an unexpected twist: I am an author myself, and there’s a book I want to write in four years–it’s a really important book–but you should write it, instead. You’d have to be sold on the premise, but that shouldn’t be a big hurdle—and you’d do such a great job.
    Yeah, well…

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