“Do What You Love. And Other Lies about Success and Happiness” releases this week

My book, Do What You Love. And Other Lies about Success and Happinesspublished by Regan Arts, releases in the US on August 11.

The book is an expansion of an essay in Jacobin, “In the Name of Love,” critiquing the contemporary notion that only by doing waged work that we love can we achieve success and happiness. Considering the arguments I make in both the essay and the book, I wanted to make sure that I was respectful of all workers and not slip into cynicism.

Corey Robin, a writer and scholar whom I respect greatly, kindly blurbed the book:

Work has its apostles. Miya Tokumitsu is one its most elegant apostates. Immune to all the happy talk of self-actualization on the job, she cuts quickly and cleanly through the mass of pablum, propaganda, and delusion that infects so much of our discussion of today’s economy. She’s that rare observer of the contemporary scene: historical, sociological, and never, ever boring.

I can only repeat what I said in the first post of this (very sporadically updated) blog, which is that I am still a bit staggered at the breadth of response to my writing about contemporary cultures of work, especially since this topic is well outside my academic area of focus, which is Northern Renaissance art(!).

I know all too well how precious time is, and want to say again how moved I am that there are people out there who devote any of theirs to reading my work.


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4 Responses to “Do What You Love. And Other Lies about Success and Happiness” releases this week

  1. Ben Wolf says:

    I enjoyed the essay in Jacobin and look forward to the book.

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  3. Jalen B. says:

    I loved your book immensely. And to now know it wasn’t even your main area of focus, I’m excited to see your posts on NRA.

  4. Partha says:

    Miya, thanks for exposing the the expoitative modern slavery.

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